Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The fussy, fussy herbs

While the Berries are taking to the new surroundings just fine, the herbs have been ailing ever since I put them in the earth. Some of them are doing alright - the rosemary is a bit weakly, but fine. Thyme and Sage seem to be thriving well enough.

Here we have the little basil-tree, which sounded like a great idea, because my last basil plant took over everything and tasted bad to boot. This one was adorable, one stem, small pretty leaves. But they started wilting, the moment it was in the earth. Pity. The parsley is ailing slightly and so is the cilantro - but they both still have a shot. I'm watching them closely, trying not to over-water, which I think I might have done at the start.

Now, here comes the desaster area. In order: savory, tarragon and the sad basil tree. None of them took to the earth at all. More and more little stalks wilted away, wiltil I finally took them out and now there's a lot of empty room in my herb garden down below.

But - in the good news, when I emailed the shop about this and they apologized and promised to send replacements. Although at the moment I am not particular enthusiastic about their plants. Instead I came by a street market today, and bought this beautiful and vigorous rosemary plant below. Which will be my omen for better herbal luck to come. Hopefully.

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